2021 Priorities



Systems Approach

We will bring an intentional focus on systems-approaches into our 2021 projects and operations. Cross-sector & systems-level perspectives are crucial to the fulfillment of the CYPB purpose.

• Done
Demonstrated via the Youth Master Plan process and Phase 2 report, launched in July 2021.

Youth Master Plan Implementation & Delivery

What is the Youth Master Plan?

A comprehensive roadmap for creating and sustaining a positive youth development-focused, results-oriented New Orleans. Visit nolayouthmasterplan.org to find the youth vision and plan.  

It is our shared opportunity to:
  • Be deliberate about the potential of our city’s youth
  • Build pathways to leverage that potential
  • Shift the way we do business at every level
How do we move to action?

Phase 2 of the Youth Master Plan will launch in February 2021 with implementation & action. CYPB will convene Action Tables to design strategic action steps and set metrics, ensuring these solutions happen.

• Done
Demonstrated via Youth Master Plan Action Tables, who met March-June 2021 to develop action strategies per each Youth Master Plan solution prioritized for implementation in first two years of the plan.

The Phase 2 report focuses on action strategies and launched in July 2021. In July through December 2021, Youth Master Plan Solution Owners prepared for successful launch of implementation in January 2022 by setting baselines and targets for goals and indicators, reviewing in funding plans, and finalizing work plans with action owners, timelines, and progress statuses.  

Dismantling Adultism

Problem we are trying to solve

The absence of youth voice, leadership, and co-creation in youth-focused planning efforts for youth by CYPB and its member organizations. This absence of youth voice represents the presence of adultism.

Our response

CYPB’s Youth Advisory Board is currently building a toolkit (How to Become a Youth-Centered Organization) for CYPB and CYPB member organizations to pilot for implementation.

• Done
Demonstrated via finalized toolkit Dismantling Adultism: How to Build & Maintain Youth-Centered Organizations. The toolkit will support the advancement of Youth Voice action strategies in the Youth Master Plan, and will be piloted for implementation by CYPB and CYPB member organizations.


Attendance matters, as it informs our ability to achieve a quorum and move actions/decisions forward that impact our children and youth.

In 2020, Board attendance was at 60% with 10 members in good standing, having met their required attendance percentage of at least 70% of meetings. The challenge is to reach at least 80% of CYPB members meeting their required attendance percentage in 2021.

• Goal Not Achieved
In 2021, Board Attendance at 61% with 11 members in good standing, having met their required attendance percentage of at least 70% of meetings (6 of 8). Quorum was achieved 75% of total meetings (6 of 8).

Although the set goal of 80% was not met, our attendance improved compared to 2019 and 2020.