2022 Priorities


Strengthened Coordination Practice & Accountability to Delivering Results With Impact

CYPB operations and infrastructure will continue to primarily serve the advancement of the Youth Master Plan with an intentional approach to coordinating across systems and public accountability to action.

Youth Master Plan Implementation & Delivery

  • Build-out of Clear Impact to serve as centralized data story platform and project management tool
  • Work plan implementation and action, with project management support staff
  • Pursuit of funding for early prioritized solutions and beyond
  • Demonstration of early wins via pilots
  • Increased Public Awareness of Youth Master Plan
What is the Youth Master Plan?

A comprehensive roadmap for creating and sustaining a positive youth development-focused, results-oriented New Orleans. Visit nolayouthmasterplan.org to find the youth vision and Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the plan.  

It is our shared opportunity to:
  • Be deliberate about the potential of our city’s youth
  • Build pathways to leverage that potential
  • Shift the way we do business at every level
How do we move to action?

Phase 3 of the Youth Master Plan is launched for action as of January 2022 with implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. CYPB will continue to convene Solution Owner Communities to advance work plan delivery for positive results, facilitate cross-sector connection opportunities, and monitor collective progress.

Increased Access to Healing Opportunities For Youth

The children of New Orleans are not broken or damaged. They are beautiful. We believe in their healing, their restoration, and their future.

We know a bold effort is needed to move from trauma to healing, from deficit mindsets to strengths mindsets, from reactive approaches to visionary strategies that yield outcomes we know are possible.

In 2022, through Called to Care and the Youth Master Plan, we are focused on healing opportunities for youth and those who love and care for youth.


Attendance matters, as it informs our ability to achieve a quorum and move actions/decisions forward that impact our children and youth. We continue our commitment to showing up.

In 2021, Board attendance was at 61% with 11 members in good standing, having met their required attendance percentage of at least 70% of meetings. The challenge is to reach at least 70% of CYPB members meeting their required attendance percentage in 2022.