2023 Priorities


CYPB has adopted the four Strive Together pillars — Shared Community Vision, Evidence-Based Decision Making, Collaborative Action, and Investment & Sustainability  — as the framing for our 2023 priorities. Additionally, Youth & Community Wisdom, though braided throughout our priorities, is inserted as its own unique section worthy of our focused attention.

These pillars “represent the primary components of civic infrastructure development needed for systems transformation.”

Phase 3 of the Youth Master Plan (Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation) is in position as our collective tool for advancing towards a Positive Youth Development-focused and results-oriented New Orleans. In 2023, we are committed to leveraging our coordination approach to demonstrate how current efforts are working, where we have gaps, and how we might move differently so that real, positive change can be experienced by our city’s children, youth, and their families.


Priority 1: Expand community awareness and ownership of youth master plan

  • Translate Youth Master Plan materials into Spanish and Vietnamese as a starting point to invite participation from Vietnamese and Spanish-speaking communities in New Orleans.
  • Make digital and print messaging materials available, tailored to cross-sector audiences.

  • Develop a RFP process for uplifting the youth vision across multiple communities, with Youth Voice and leadership incorporated into process design.


Priority 3: strengthen our culture of data for purpose

  • Launch the Youth Master Plan Evaluation Plan + Revolutionary Researchers (Youth Participatory Action Research component of the evaluation plan)
  • Advocate for public and private investments in data infrastructure for youth-serving organizations
  • Build and implement a practice of data sharing. Prioritize metrics across Youth Master Plan categories and clearly define requests for disaggregated (age, gender, race, class, etc.) and time-specific data to inform a shared understanding of issues, efforts, results, and opportunities for collective action.


Priority 4: Further develop and use tools that demonstrate how efforts feed into a collective results story

  • Building on the logic model tool used by grantees of the Youth Master Plan Grants administered by United Way of Southeast Louisiana, invite buy-in from provider, philanthropy, and public sectors to participate in the use of shared tools and processes for monitoring and addressing efforts, gaps, and results.
  • Advance usability of data platforms where a data story can be held and told.
Priority 5: Quorum + attendance

  • Attendance matters, as it informs our ability to move broadly informed actions/decisions forward that impact our children and youth. We continue our commitment to showing up. The challenge is to reach at least 70% of CYPB members meeting their required attendance percentage in 2023.
  • Hold consistent record of Youth Master Plan meeting attendance to inform baseline and targets for engagement across sectors.


Priority 6: pursue strategic and sustainable financing

  • Hold operating plan that provides for dedicated capacity of CYPB and offers room for growth when more capacity is needed.
  • Present to Children’s Cabinet to increase positionality for dedicated resource allocations to CYPBs in State budget.
  • Increase public and private investments that support demonstrated movement towards Youth Master Plan goals.
Priority 7: Increase engagement with leaders who influence policy to identify alignment and advance youth master plan policy priorities

  • Organize around scheduling, message framing and outreach strategy for a conversation with the New Orleans Delegation.


Priority 8: demonstrate active inclusion of youth in thought partnership and decision-making on what well-being and safety in their communities looks like and how to achieve it.

  • Promote, support, and advance youth engagement and leadership opportunities that are youth-centered, relationship-based, and focused on co-creating solutions that advance goals.