Promoting Compassionate Healing for Our Children

Download the newly produced report by CYPB’s Childhood Trauma Task Force, Called to Care: Promoting Compassionate Healing for our Children.

How We Got Here

The multi-part special report The Children of Central City featured in the Times-Picayune/ heightened public awareness of the impact of growing up surrounded by violence. This caused City Officials to want to do more to address childhood trauma and its effects. City Council’s next step was directive. They issued a resolution calling CYPB to take on the role of studying the issue and using that research to inform recommendations that could help the city to become more compassionate and trauma-informed.

The research and recommendations were built through a Task Force of subject matter experts, system actors, and those with lived experience. Further information and insight were gathered through New Orleans’ first Summit on Compassion and Resilience. From there the report was born, and it belongs to the people of New Orleans.

A presentation date is being set to share this report with City Council.

Please contact to coordinate community conversations and/or presentations on these realities and recommendations.