CYPB Member Expectations Agreement

  • CYPB Member Expectations Agreement

    Aligns with Article II: Sections 4 and 5 of CYPB Bylaws

    I, [NAME ENTERED BELOW], understand that as a CYPB member, I have an ethical responsibility to ensure that CYPB delivers the best work possible in pursuit of fulfilling its purpose as written in the State Legislation, ACTs 1225 and 555 respectively. The State’s legislation has been advanced in support of local implementation through the passage of New Orleans City Ordinance, MCS Ordinance #21779.

    As a member, I believe in the purpose of CYPB as written in the State legislation and the New Orleans City ordinance and I commit to contributing to the achievement of CYPBs purpose by acting responsibly and prudently as demonstrated by:
    1. Showing Up:Attending and participating in at least 70% of the scheduled board meetings and events annually.
    2. Being Present: Interpreting CYPB’s purpose to the community and representing CYPB as its champion. In turn, interpreting the community’s needs and values to CYPB, informing and educating the board about community interests, and holding self and CYPB accountable to aligning CYPB’s purpose and the needs/interests of the community.
    3. Being Prepared: Remaining informed about CYPB actions and initiatives. Reading all information provided in preparation for board and/or committee meetings, finding updates via the CYPB website and/or in shared Dropbox folder whenever possible. Participating in and taking responsibility for making decisions on issues, policies and other matters.
    4. Being an Ally: Working in good faith with staff, other board members and stakeholders as a collaborative partner. Aligning toward the establishment of a common agenda that is in pursuit of a shared purpose, which yield improved equitable outcomes for New Orleans children and youth.
    5. Being a Leader: Assisting in balancing board composition with cross-sector partners by recommending member additions when/if key sectors are not represented. This balance strengthens the strategic direction and guidance needed from CYPB members to move actions of the common agenda. Chairing and/or co-chairing action teams that inform CYPBs comprehensive planning efforts as described in the State legislation and City ordinance.
    6. Being Impartial: Identifying areas or issues that may present possible conflicts of interest and recusing self from votes involving these areas or issues.
    7. Being Results-Based: Using data to drive decision making within CYPB to push past talking only about problems and move towards taking action to find solutions with transparency and accountability for results.
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  • *The “prudent person rule,” states that an individual must act with the same judgement and care as, in like circumstances, a prudent/reasonable person would act.