CYPB Priorities

About CYPB Priorities & Results

CYPB is committed to the annual practice of prioritizing strategic actions and assessing the progress and results of its work.

At the top of each year, the board adopts a set of priorities that drive the delivery of its purpose and function. At the close of each year, CYPB assesses the results of our work. This assessment is then summarized alongside that year’s priority page (left) as a demonstrated measure of our accountability to results.

Through 2021, progress towards CYPB priorities was named as Done, Incomplete, or Goal Not Achieved.

In 2022, CYPB joined Strive Together, a national results-based, cradle-to-career network. To further align with results-based practices, CYPB and Youth Master Plan Steering Committee members measured progress towards each priority on a scale from 1 to 5, offering a narrative summary of results and opportunities for continuous quality improvement. We will continue to assess with this framework going forward.