Dismantling Adultism Toolkit: How to Build & Maintain a Youth-Centered Organization

In April 2021, the Youth Advisory Board of CYPB‘s Dismantling Adultism Subcommittee launched a toolkit to raise up the voices of young people and demonstrate to organizations how to do the same with actionable tools.

The Dismantling Adultism Toolkit is intended to promote action towards becoming and sustaining practices as a youth-centered organization.

We encourage organizations, groups, troops, teams, committees, councils, etc. that
engage and serve youth to use the toolkit to prompt self-assessment, honest dialogue, and tangible actions for positive change.

This toolkit was created by a group of New Orleans youth leaders that believe the ideas, recommendations, and resources here are applicable and actionable within and far beyond our city.

Download the toolkit!

Foundational knowledge on adultism through a two-day Dismantling Adultism Workshop facilitated by Rethink in June 2020 and the NOYA Authentic Youth Engagement Checklist served as inspiration for this toolkit.
This project was launched through a grant by the Forum for Youth Investment, an organization committed to strengthening the presence of Youth Voice and actively dismantling adultism.