Let’s Talk: Race + Health Equity

It’s time to have an essential conversation with young people about how they experience race. Specifically, it’s important to hear from young black people in New Orleans who are willing to explore what race, wellness, and equity mean together. The conversation on race and health equity is crucial. All change starts with a conversation, and now is the time. We are seeking courageous individuals interested in joining in.

MHSD and CYPB are excited to launch the Courageous Conversations for Health Equity series. The conversation will occur among ten young African American New Orleanians aged 14-17. Lived experience and point of view are the only qualifiers to join the conversation.

All discussions will include the shared themes of the impact of racism and paths to healing and wellness for Black Americans. These conversations seek to hear youth perspectives and lived experiences, build relationships between individuals and communities, and spark transformative action to increase equity and wellness for Black Americans.

From 11 am to 1 pm, two facilitators will lead participants in an engaging conversation over three consecutive Saturdays (3/4/23, 3/11/23, and 3/18/23). The events are hosted at Maroon Workspace at 1206 St. Charles Ave, New Orleans, L.A. If needed, transportation assistance may be available. Participants must make every meeting. After the conclusion of the entire series, attendees will receive $150 per session. Based on thematic contents, participants have access/support in getting connected to counseling if the need should arise.


Please note, this event is open ONLY to the young people who are confirmed via registration.