No CYPB Without the C & Y


After two months of recruitment and interviews, CYPB launched its first Youth Advisory Board (YAB) with a strong member base of 22 bright and talented New Orleanians, spanning ages 14 to 24 and representing all City Council districts.

In the kickoff meeting on Saturday, February 8th, 2020, this group made it clear that they are ready to serve as advisers and ambassadors to CYPB and jump into their first major project together: leading the Youth Master Plan process.

Over the next year, the YAB will convene monthly for interactive trainings on topics like Positive Youth Development and Storytelling for Change, as well as planning and leading key Youth Master Plan activities. Committed to bringing their full selves and experiences into their leadership, the YAB will amplify the collective voice of New Orleans youth to inspire, shape, and drive actionable change for all children, youth, and families in New Orleans.

The Youth Advisory Board is facilitated by CYPB staff and two emerging CYPB Members, Josh Young and Lavonte Lucas, both recent graduates of NOYA’s Youth Leadership Fellowship.

YAB members form a protective shield — representing positive forces and figures in a young person’s life — guarding YAB member Christi from the range of societal challenges that could come up throughout childhood in New Orleans.

The friendly neighbor, school counselor, cousins, pediatrician, friends, grandma, dad, and teacher all kept Christi from being taken out by the slew of challenges thrown her way.