This is Not a Coffee Table Book

Amanda Simpkins of the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice Coordination delves into the Called to Care Report during CYPB’s Annual Planning Day.












The Called to Care Report was designed as a comprehensive resource tool to inform, to provide data points of reference, and to build substantive plans that launch actions targeting trauma-informed approaches for the individual, community and the city. It is intentionally robust with local, regional and national content demonstrating the breadth of work needed to become a New Orleans that is more Compassionate and Trauma-Informed.

The Abridged Version highlights the recommendations and implementation plan with ease of access and propels us to use these items with intention to address the problem of Childhood Trauma in New Orleans. There are definitely ways that New Orleans can achieve its desire of becoming a more Compassionate, Trauma-Informed City.

Several of the recommendations and implementation plan elements in the Called to Care report provide clear direction to the achievement of this citywide goal. The Abridged Version is designed and intended to get you to the recommendations and implementation plans quickly, to inform and guide possible actions and advance changes across sectors.

For the full report, CLICK HERE.