Youth Master Plan Steering Committee Responsibilities

  • Youth Master Plan Steering Committee:
    Role Description & Responsibilities

    CYPB’s general purpose, as outlined in ACT 555 and the City Ordinance, is to assist in the assessment, alignment, coordination, prioritization and measurement of all available services and programs that address the needs of children and youth. As the local planning board, CYPB is intended to encourage collaborative efforts among stakeholders for assessing the needs of children and youth and for assisting in the development of a comprehensive plan to address those needs. The Board’s purpose and intended deliverables will be realized through the successful development and implementation of a Youth Master Plan for New Orleans.

    Youth Master Plan Steering Committee Composition
    CYPB members will serve as the cross-sector stakeholders tasked with plan development, as outlined in CYPB’s State legislated and City ordinanced purpose. Additional sector leaders/actors will be invited to serve on the Youth Master Plan Steering Committee to ensure inclusion of the most comprehensive array of sectors and voices needed to develop the comprehensive plan.

    Youth Master Plan Steering Committee Role Description
    The committee helps to steer the Youth Master Plan forward from start to completion. This is done by providing support, advice, guidance, oversight of progress and ensuring delivery of the Youth Master Plan outputs and the achievement of Youth Master Plan outcomes.

    Committee Members may not work on the Youth Master Plan themselves. Generally, the Project Manager (CYPB Staff), and other members of the Youth Master Plan Partnership Team (Mayor’s Office of Youth & Families, New Orleans Youth Alliance) actually do the work ensuring successful development, delivery, and implementation of the Youth Master Plan, reflecting the support from the Youth Master Plan Steering Committee.

    Youth Master Plan Steering Committee Responsibilities
    • Attend, actively participate in, and stay updated on Youth Master Plan via Steering Committee Meetings and materials.
    • Determine success statements for each category, age group.
    • Review and provide feedback for Youth Well-Being Data.
    • Participate in Adultism Training along with the Youth Advisory Board.
    • Ensure the strategy that is planned matches the aim of the Youth Master Plan.
    • Review the progress of the Youth Master Plan against the timelines and milestones set.
    • Provide guidance to the Youth Master Plan partnership team, as needed.
    • Paired with a Youth Advisory Board, complete facilitator training for Community Conversations and Workgroups.
    • Attend, participate in, table-facilitate, and promote the Community Conversations scheduled to inform the Youth Master Plan.
    • In partnership with Youth Advisory Board, co-facilitate category-specific workgroups to create Youth Master Plan content.
    • Actively promote the Youth Master Plan process, progress, its outputs, and outcomes.
    • Contribute to the design of the accountability plan, progress reviews, and evaluation of the Youth Master Plan, both the process of development, implementation, and its actual impact on its intended audience.

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