Apply to be an Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Educator

CYPB is partnering with the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Educator Program of the Louisiana Dept. of Health, Bureau of Family Health to train 25-30 ACE Educators in New Orleans.

Community Members, Advocates, and Professionals are all invited to apply.

Apply here by October 10th to be considered.

Why ACEs?
Findings from a landmark study by Kaiser Permanente and the Centers for Disease Control show that experiencing cumulative childhood adversities is linked to many lifelong health and social problems. These problems impact adults and children and have ripple effects across communities: Violence, substance abuse, physical health problems, homelessness, and disconnection. Younger generations experience adversity, in turn, through community and interpersonal violence, economic hardship, caregiver stress and hopelessness, and settings in which they feel unsafe and unseen.

What can we do?
Childhood adversity is not inevitable. Communities, families, and individuals can heal, when systems and communities align to provide hope, support, and resources. When children and families are kept safe and given resources to build resilience, children grow into parents ready to raise a resilient next generation. It is our hope that awareness about the impact and preventability of ACEs will push communities across Louisiana to come together, to invest in prevention and resilience, and to protect children from violence in all its forms, creating safety and connection for current and future generations.