CYPB Youth Advisory Board in the News!

New Orleans Youth Have Something To Say

This summer, the Youth Advisory Board of CYPB met to discuss the differences between the current, dominant false narrative often told about New Orleans youth and the true youth narrative. They named ways that narratives held about youth shape the beliefs, words, and actions of people across generations, and they set up an action plan to shift the stories told about youth.

This plan included the publishing 3 op-eds that name issues affecting young people in New Orleans and highlight solutions we can all be part of.

There is no future for New Orleans without us. We can define our own story, and our story of New Orleans must reflect our contribution and leadership. 

Like generations past, today’s young people are fighting for everyone’s futures. Maya Garner and Mitchell Devon remind us that young people are not to blame for society’s issues and have a crucial role to play in making positive change.

We are community builders. Regardless of the communities we come from, our backgrounds, or the schools we attend, we are part of the solution, not the problem. 

New Orleans youth have a vision for public safety, with solutions like increasing minimum wages, exposure to career and technical education opportunities before high school graduation, and youth-friendly transit options that are low-cost or free. Christina You says the first step to making our city safer is to follow the recommendations outlined in the Youth Master Plan, which were generated by youth and community wisdom and informed by best practices in Positive Youth Development.

The children and youth of New Orleans are not broken or damaged. We can rise above circumstances and have the ability to define our own path. We are beautiful. We believe in our healing, our restoration, and our future.

Access to quality mental health care supports is a top priority for New Orleans youth. Felicia Hart and Hannah Jacobs name that our city’s mental health crisis should be addressed with compassion and urgency by school leaders and elected officials.

We have experiences, we face problems, and we come up with creative solutions. These are all valid. We are worthy of being heard and included.

Youth Advisory Board members Christina You, Mitchell Devon, and Ravien Burns and CYPB Executive Director Karen Evans joined radio hosts on WBOK 1230 to talk about the implementation of the youth- and community-generated solutions outlined in the New Orleans Youth Master Plan.

Youth Voice matters. When we listen up and work alongside, we can become the just, equitable, and compassionate New Orleans that we all deserve.

Meet the Youth Advisory Board of CYPB here. Learn more about the Youth Master Plan here.