Apply to join the Fall 2022 Called to Care Summit Planning Committee!


In 2019, members of the greater New Orleans community gathered for the first annual Summit on Compassion and Resilience. Following a pause due to COVID, we reconvened last fall for the Called to Care: 2021 New Orleans Virtual Summit to examine our current landscape of resources, experience emerging practices, and discuss how we can better listen to young people and promote their healing.

This year, as we build on the continued momentum from Called to Care, the Youth Master Plan, and our previous annual Summits, we are soliciting applications for a planning committee for our third annual Summit that will be held in October of 2022. Composed of individuals with a vested interest in improving our community for young people and their caregivers, this will not be a traditional planning committee but rather an offering of fresh ideas that are healing-centered, culturally competent, and disrupt current narratives. 

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CLICK HERE to apply by 11:59pm on Wednesday, March 30, 2022


In August of 2018, the New Orleans City Council unanimously approved a resolution calling for a comprehensive, citywide approach to the prevention, intervention, and treatment of childhood trauma. City Council members called upon the New Orleans Children & Youth Planning Board (CYPB) to take on the role of studying the issue and using that research to inform recommendations that could help the city to become more compassionate and trauma-informed.

The research and recommendations were built through a Childhood Trauma Task Force of subject matter experts, system actors, and those with lived experience. Further information and insight were gathered through New Orleans’ first Summit on Compassion and Resilience. From there the Called to Care report was born, and it belongs to the people of New Orleans.

The Called to Care report includes a goal of conducting an annual summit to track the progress of implementing these recommendations. The overarching theme of our upcoming third annual Summit, is to continue to raise awareness around trauma and build community capacity to heal from within, while centering and supporting our young people.

Committee Membership Benefits & Supports: 

This committee will generate innovative ideas and share transformative wisdom to be shared across a larger platform, providing opportunity for even greater impact. Additionally, this committee will be an opportunity for community members to gather, connect, share, and support one another through action-oriented processes and deliverables. 

Financial stipends will be available for participating parents/caregivers and young people. 

The committee will be provided administrative and planning support from CYPB staff to hold and share communication, calendar invites, meeting minutes, tools, guidance, etc.

Committee Co-Chairs will be invited to help facilitate decision-making, planning direction, and communicating with supporting CYPB staff.

Committee Membership Commitments & Requirements:

We are asking that if applicants did not attend the 2021 Called to Care Summit, they watch the recording on the New Orleans PACES’s Connection site. Applicants are also asked to review the Called to Care report and Youth Master Plan prior to applying. Applicants should have strong ties and connections to New Orleans. 

The committee will require 3-4 hours of time per month:

  • April Committee launch 
  • May Summit planning
  • June Summit planning
  • July Summit planning
  • Aug. Summit planning
  • Sept. Final prep
  • Oct. Final prep & host summit
  • Nov. Celebrate, debrief, and feedback for next year

The first meeting will be held during the third week of April and the time and day will be set based on committee availability. The Summit will be held the third week of October and committee work will conclude with a wrap-up/debrief meeting after the conference in November. 

Since planning meetings may be conducted virtually, computer access will be needed. 

Committee Composition:

While providers and professionals working with young people are encouraged to apply, we want to ensure individuals with lived experiences of challenges related to accessing basic needs, generational and childhood trauma, and healing are represented. We are seeking 10-25 individuals for the full committee, with the possibility of subcommittees, from the following groups:

  • Parents/caregivers with lived and healing experience
  • Young people ages 14-25 with lived and healing experience 
  • Community members invested in the lives of young people and their families
  • Providers and professionals working with young people and their families

If you are interested but do not fit into the above categories, tell us why? 

How to Apply: 

Apply here by 11:59pm on Wednesday, March 30. 


  • Deadline to apply – March 30
  • Committee member invitations extended – April 8
  • First meeting, time and date based on committee availability expressed upon invitation – Week of April 18