Shifting Systems: Addressing Childhood Trauma in New Orleans Across Sectors

CYPB’s 2019 Annual Planning Day Meeting held of Tuesday, October 15 was an exercise in focused, collaborative, and systems-level thinking on addressing childhood trauma in New Orleans.

The day-long meeting was initiated by a panel of three Childhood Trauma Task Force members — CYPB Chair Pastor Dr. Torin Sanders; Paulette Carter, Children’s Bureau; and Kelli Jordan, NOLA Public Schools — who introduced the context and components of the recently produced report by the Task Force, Called to Care: Promoting Compassionate Healing for Our Children.

Small working groups delved further into the report throughout the day to identify strategies for moving the implementation plan elements into action.

The direction is set for 2020. It is about boldly shifting systems, challenging inequity, coordinating across sector, and moving towards compassionate healing for our children.

Special thanks to the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities for hosting CYPB in their space; Karen’s Kitchen for providing a sustaining breakfast and lunch spread; and Capture Studio for documenting the fruitful exchanges from the day via photo.