Uplift & Enhance Youth Voice in New Orleans! Apply to join the Youth Voice Working Group.


Calling all New Orleans youth-serving organizations & youth leadership groups:

Nominate youth leaders to join a paid peer-to-peer network to uplift & enhance youth voice, vision & power-sharing across New Orleans!

apply! new orleans Youth-Serving Organizations & Youth Leadership Groups are encouraged to apply & identify youth leaders to participate as members of the working group.

Spread the word! use this fact sheet to share info with your youth leaders and other organizations that would be a good fit!

More Info:

What is the Youth Master Plan Youth Voice Working Group?

A collective action effort to implement and monitor the Youth Voice solutions outlined in the 10-year New Orleans Youth Master Plan.

  • (YV1) Recognize and broaden community wisdom around all youth developmental stages and milestones, with a focus on agency and identity, through a public awareness campaign.
  • (YV2) Provide young people with the civic education necessary to successfully engage in decision-making and advocacy spaces and places. Emphasize opportunities for leadership, sharing power with adults, and peer-to-peer organizing.
  • (YV3) Expand meaningful opportunities for youth to be involved in existing decision-making and advocacy bodies across all public systems and within the nonprofit sector.

Learn more about the New Orleans Youth Master Plan at nolayouthmasterplan.org.

Who should apply?

Any New Orleans youth-serving organizations and/or youth leadership groups are encouraged to submit an application on behalf of the organization/group.

Once selected, the organization or group will identify up to two youth leaders (ages 14 to 24) to participate as members in the Youth Voice Working Group.

Who is involved in the Youth Voice Working Group? What are roles & responsibilities?

Youth Members:

  • Attend and actively participate in the Youth Voice Working Group meetings with the intention of supporting and contributing to the successful delivery of the Youth Voice action steps outlined in the Youth Master Plan. 
  • Identify cross-connections between member/sponsoring organization and the Youth Master Plan solutions, offering time, talent, and resources where applicable. 
  • Engage peers–in and outside of member/sponsoring organizations–in Youth voice action steps (i.e., build and launch feedback tools/pathways, call upon to uplift the Youth Vision, etc.)
  • Inform Working Group structure for 2023 and beyond.

Staff of Youth Leadership Groups/Sponsoring Organizations:

  • Encourage youth member attendance and participation.
  • Support information flows into and out of the Working Group: uplift awareness of needs and opportunities for group/organization actions related to Youth Voice.
  • As needed, join segments of Youth Voice Working Group meetings to review, co-create, confirm and/or advance solution buildout and action step/task assignment as proposed by the Youth Voice Working Group. 

Facilitator: One consultant facilitator to drive the meeting process and flow towards intended outcomes.

Other: Additional key personnel will be invited to select meetings by the Youth Voice Working Group, with support from the Youth Master Plan partners. The purpose of their participation will be to review, co-create, confirm and/or advance solution buildout and action step/task assignment as proposed by the Youth Voice Working Group. 

When & where will the Youth Voice Working Group meet?
  • Third Wednesday of the month, time based on member preference/availability expressed upon invitation.
  • Virtual to start with the option to host 1-2 in-person meetings based on group preference/availability and environmental conditions (COVID, hurricane, etc.).
  • July: First meeting + work plan advancement
  • August: No Meeting
  • September: Work plan advancement
  • October: No Meeting
    November: Work plan advancement
    December: Report out on progress; set priorities and schedule for 2023
Why apply?

Build Lasting Change Through Power-Sharing

  • Shift the Youth Narrative through a coordinated network of youth leaders and supporting adults
  • Take on actions that expand and uplift equitable opportunities for youth leadership and decision-making across New Orleans

Youth Stipends

  • Youth members will be paid a stipend for their participation in Youth Voice Working Group meetings at a rate of $15/hour.
  • Stipend will be processed and distributed by CYPB via direct deposit or check to a bank account in the youth member’s own name, as is best practice.

Organization Honorarium

    • Organizations supporting and/or sponsoring youth membership in the Youth Voice Working Group will be offered an honorarium of $500.
    • Honorariums are based on existing resources, and are an acknowledgement of the Youth Voice Working Group early adopters and their commitment to uplifting Youth Voice within and across organizations.
    • Honorariums are to enhance any youth voice and leadership activities within the own organization, as determined by the organization.