You’re Invited to Flip the Script!

Calling all New Orleans youth, ages 12-24!

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This virtual event will include:

A youth-moderated discussion on racism and COVID-19, including:

  • Ways to heal, help and move forward together

An opportunity to identify and review the current New Orleans youth narrative and ask questions like:

  • What do we want to uplift?
  • What do we want to leave at the door?

An opportunity to craft a NEW New Orleans Youth Narrative, which will:

  • Capture a collective youth vision of New Orleans
  • Rekindle hope and aspiration for positive youth outcomes
  • Create a call to action in support of the New Narrative and Vision for New Orleans Youth

This new narrative will help inform the development of a Youth Master Plan, a new roadmap for creating a youth development-focused, results-oriented New Orleans.

What is the Youth Master Plan?

The Youth Master Plan is New Orleans’ opportunity to create a proposal that sets the stage for all children and youth to achieve their full potential. The Youth Master Plan will be a one-stop roadmap for all citizens to see where the youth of our city are going and how they are going to get there.

The Youth Master Plan development brings together young people, parents, educators, community leaders,and other key stakeholders. The plan will cover the next ten years (2020-2030) and it will include all the sectors of our community that have responsibility for improving the future of children and youth, birth to 24 years, across Orleans Parish.